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A Fresh Approach to a Mortgage Network

March 21, 20243 min read

Embracing Change and Innovation in the Mortgage Industry: My Conversation with Daniel Hobbs

In the ever-evolving mortgage industry, staying ahead of the curve is all about embracing change and innovation. I recently had the privilege of diving into these very themes with Daniel Hobbs, the visionary Managing Director of Newleaf Network, on my podcast, Mortgage Mavericks. Our discussion didn't just illuminate Newleaf's distinctive approach to the mortgage network business; it also broadened our understanding of current industry trends, especially the transformative role of technology and social media. For deeper insights, make sure to check out Newleaf Network's website.

Newleaf Network's Unique Position

The story of Newleaf Network, brought to life by Daniel's father, Mark Hobbs, some 25 years ago, really stands out to me as a shining example of innovation and quality within our field. What sets Newleaf apart isn't a focus on sheer numbers but a commitment to fostering a high-quality community of about 300 people. This exclusivity creates a joint venture-like atmosphere with their advisors, where emphasis on quality and cooperative effort is the name of the game.

Hearing about Daniel's journey, from being a recipient of what some might call nepotism to leading key divisions at Newleaf, struck a chord with me. It's a testament to a genuine alignment with the network's core values and goals. And it's not just about surviving; Newleaf has thrived through market upheavals, including the 2008 financial crisis, proving its resilience and adaptability.

Facing Challenges and Embracing Tech Innovation

Daniel was open about the significant hurdles that come with running a network like Newleaf, especially in an industry where blame and credit are often delicately balanced. From handling client complaints to the often thankless task of maintaining compliance and standards, his candour offered a rare peek behind the curtain of network management.

A game-changer for Newleaf, under Daniel's leadership, was its embrace of technology. This was a strategic move to streamline processes and fuel growth, essentially doubling the network's size without a proportional increase in manpower. It's a clear sign of Newleaf's dedication to staying at the forefront of tech advancements, including exploring the potential of AI for the network and its advisors.

The Impact of Social Media

In our chat, Daniel didn't shy away from highlighting the critical role of social media in today's landscape, both for recruitment and client acquisition. His personal experience with the power of consistent, quality content sharing really resonated with me. It's a core part of Newleaf's broader strategy, which focuses on authenticity, consistency, and engagement to cultivate a strong, relatable brand presence.

Moreover, Daniel shared insights into Newleaf's pragmatic approach to social media policy. It's designed to encourage advisors to actively engage online, within a framework that balances flexibility with compliance. This forward-thinking policy underscores Newleaf's commitment to leveraging digital platforms effectively, without losing sight of regulatory requirements.

Looking Towards the Future

As we delved into future prospects, Daniel's thoughts on how AI might revolutionize the mortgage advising landscape were particularly enlightening. Viewing such disruptions as opportunities rather than threats is something I admire about Daniel's outlook. His openness to the changing dynamics of client services and the necessity for advisors to adapt offers a glimpse into the forward-thinking mindset that will shape the industry's trajectory.

In wrapping up our conversation, it was clear to me that Daniel Hobbs and Newleaf Network are not just navigating the currents of change and technological innovation in the mortgage industry; they're setting the pace. Our dialogue reaffirmed the importance of embracing change, tackling challenges head-on, and harnessing technology to stay ahead. As the industry moves forward, adopting these insights and fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability will be key for networks and advisors alike.

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